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Skyfire opening special

Meet Skyfire Studio

22 May 2015 | Posted in: arts, Events, gallery


What is your name and business name?

Paige Lampkin and Philip Crandall: Skyfire Studio

Can you describe what you use your Renew space for?

The short version: fulfilling potential

The medium version: On its face we’re a contemporary art gallery. Aside from that everything else we do is designed to provide those who wish to make artistic endeavors a greater part of their lives, the tools and the confidence to pursue that aim. We focus on providing support for development in three areas: artistic skill set, mind set, and business savvy. We hold classes in various things from drawing to fire twirling to meditation, and provide business strategy guidance for artists. Everything in the space, including everything a visitor hears or even smells, is carefully curated. We like our space to be a ‘live’ one, so what’s in the store changes with regularity! Exhibitions are often punctuated by live performances. We’re quite keen for Sydney outside of Leichhardt to learn about the area as it’s truly fascinating! So we hope to use the space to bring new faces here.

skyfire special 2 Skyfire opening special

What has been some of the best bits about having a space to test your idea?

Low barrier to entry is always good for trade! It’s nice to have someone hear your idea, like it, and say okay go run with it and make it work! It’s a fairy godmother experience really, because if your project is successful, it just may change your life. If it’s not, you had a damn good time and you learned how to do it better the next time. We are super new here (only a few weeks old!) but we also like that the project gives us a chance to engage with the community in a visceral way.

While participating in the Renew program, what have been some of the discoveries you’ve made in your area?

There are a lot of cool furniture, homewares, and lighting shops here.

  • A hunt for the best pizza in Leichhardt is a truly worthy endeavor. We have a frontrunner at the moment but reserve judgement until we’ve tested at least 10 different pies.
  • There’s a ton of culture bubbling just under the surface of Leichhardt that’s not immediately obvious. It sort of looks like Queens (NY) but within the little nooks and crannies there’s neat stuff going on.

What other creative enterprises are you inspired by?
Wow, all the Renew participants are incredibly together and creative and open so they’re the first folks that come to mind. Then it would have to be a Perth jewelry design company called Totomoto designs. The pieces are quite powerful. Paige particularly likes what Philip refers to as ‘rubbish’, and finds the notion that old items had a whole life before and can have a new life terrifically scintilating. All things can be tools of use. We have musical backgrounds so we find inspiration in sounds of multifarious forms.

What is your favourite place or space to visit in Leichhardt?

Once again we are super new here, so our days mostly consist of work work work in the space to get it up and running, and then pizza. And then work, and then pizza. So, we like places with pizza.

Your website, store address or where we can find you?

Our web address is, we’re at shop 10 23 Norton Italian Forum

Do you have any upcoming events to tell us about?

Do we ever:) Please have a look at the calendar below.

We have a drawing class and a hand drumming class in development for the next series, as well as painting, kids ceramics, a fertility yoga workshop June 14th, and a five week meditation course in July.

Aside from that we plan to put together a Leichhardt gallery bus tour, like a wine tour, but for learning to buy art.

Participant profile – Questionnaire one