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Meet Makers Place

21 May 2015 | Posted in: Leichhardt, urban renewal, workshops

This week we decided to stop by Makers Place at The Italian Forum to chat with Melissa Fuller, a Maker of Makers’, see how their space is working and to find out a bit more about Leichhardt, as locals on the ground as part of Renew Leichhardt.

What is your business name?

Makers Place Incorporated

Can you describe what you use your Renew space for?

A community facility providing access to tools, equipment, education required for invention. Makers Place is a non-for-profit association. Members pay a monthly membership and get access to $30,000 worth of technology and skill sharing through community engagement.

What has been some of the best bits about having a space to test your idea?

Quite simply Makers Place would not exist without the Renew Leichardt initiative. We have been having to prototype our model and co-create with our local community. The best part about having access to the low cost premises is that we have been able to support environmental and social good projects.

While participating in the Renew program, what have been some of the discoveries you’ve made in your area?

I have discovered that Leichhardt is a very diverse area. There are people from many parts of the world. Leichhardt is also very creative; I have discovered art galleries, studio spaces, and people who work in the creative industries.

One of the most memorable discoveries has been stumbling across The School of Footwear and their founder Darren Bischoff.

This is where you can learn to make your own shoes in a fully equipped workroom. Darren teaches students all aspects of footwear construction, illustration, pattern cutting, upper stitching, shoe lasting, heeling and finishing.

Bar Sport on Norton street has the best Panini in town!

What is your favorite place or space to visit in Leichhardt?

We love to treat ourselves to tasty delights that Norton St Grocer has and taking a picnic to the park on the north end of Norton Street.

For a social beverage after work we can be found at the Royal Hotel and for entertainment, shows at the Australian Actors Center are great!

Your website, store address or where we can find you?

Shop 39, Ground Floor, 19-23 Norton St, Leicchardt 2040

Do you have any upcoming events to tell us about?

Yes, we have a few! Please see our website.