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Meet The Backyard Network

16 July 2015 | Posted in: business, environment, Leichhardt, sydney, urban renewal

What is your name and business name?

Matt Moore, Backyard Network

Can you describe what you use your Renew space for?

I make materials and objects other people are finished with into functional garden and household goods
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.47.43 pm

What have been some of the highlights about having a space to test your idea?

Being able to experiment freely without worrying about meeting an expensive rent and exploring ideas and interests with a huge range of people.

While participating in the Renew program, what have been some of the discoveries you’ve made in your area?
I’ve learned how to split pallet wood to bring the organic whorls and knots hidden in the wood to the surface.

What other creative enterprises are you inspired by?
I’m inspired by the Maker Space, Lentil As Anything, HoboGro.

What is your favourite place or space to visit in Leichhardt?

The park.

Your website, store address or where we can find you?

Backyard Network page on Facebook, website coming soon.