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Revolution Marrickville

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Renew Australia are pleased to be partnering with the lessor and Clearpoint on an exciting new initiative to activate the ground floor retail space of 359 Illawarra Road.

Revolution Marrickville is a first for Renew Australia as, typically, a hurdle in our projects is finding property owners willing to provide their spaces on a rent free basis.

Revolution Marrickville will activate the currently vacant spaces in at 359 Illawarra Road, incubating short-term uses by creative enterprises and independent local initiatives.

This initiative will help to bring even more people into the area and encourage people to spend more time on Illawarra Road, providing more foot traffic for nearby businesses and Marrickville in general.

Our project will not impede or compete with existing business and will be carefully evaluated to ensure community interest, increased awareness and participation within Marrickville by increased foot traffic and community involvement.

Revolution Marrickville is a joint initiative of Renew Australia, the lessor, and Clearpoint.


Revolution Marrickville are looking for new creative and community projects to present to the property owner of 359 Illawarra Road.

The Expression of Interest seeks to attract local creative entrepreneurs, makers and social entrepreneurs able to open at least 5 days per week, have at least 2 people in the enterprise/project to do so, and are established in their ideas, projects and activation methods.

Spaces can be occupied 7am-7pm, Monday to Friday; 7am-5pm, Saturdays; and 10am-5pm, Sundays.

Selected participants will be given temporary rent free access to the ground floor retail spaces in 359 Illawarra Road, made available thanks to the lessor, and the real estate agent, Clearpoint.

You could be part of a growing creative movement to promote local economic, cultural and community development, the arts and creative industries across Australia.

To apply, please submit an Expression of Interest here.

The “Renew” model

If successful, you get 30 days rent free – then, if the space hasn’t leased, you get another 30 days, and so on. It’s the perfect way to test the market and try new things!

For more information about Revolution Marrickville or Renew Australia, please phone  03 9982 0785 or email [email protected].