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Meet F&B – Flourish & Baird Decorative Finishes

23 May 2015 | Posted in: arts, sydney

What is your name and business name?
Sandy Baird of F&B – Flourish & Baird Decorative Finishes

Can you describe what you use your Renew space for?
At F&B our focus is on Decorative Paint Finishes, whether for the home, on furniture or teaching workshops.

We have refinished furniture for sale and offer Design consultation and Paint Finish workshops.

What has been some of the best bits about having a space to test your idea?
It has been amazing having the general public respond so favorably to the F&B space and show great enthusiasm for the workshops.

While participating in the Renew program, what have been some of the discoveries you’ve made in your area?
People, especially locals, are very enthusiastic and supportive of the Renew scheme and the life it is breathing back into the area

Generally there is good support for creatve pursuits and a desire to learn more eg. Workshops.

There are huge numbers of young Mums with babies walking past.

The other peope in the scheme are lovely and it feels like a little community.

What other creative enterprises are you inspired by?
I like finding out what the other participants are doing – was particularly impressed with the philosophy of the Makers Place.


What is your favourite place or space to visit in Leichhardt?
The dog park at Cafe Bones

Your website, store address or where we can find you?

F&B 147 Norton Street Leichhardt. 0407 063 388

Do you have any upcoming events to tell us about?

Paint finish workshops start on Saturday 6th June.