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Call out to owners of vacant properties in Leichhardt Local Government Area – be part of something exciting and creative!

5 November 2015 | Posted in: News

Do you own a property anywhere within the Leichhardt Local Government Area that is currently empty? If so we would love to hear from you. Vacancy rates along our high streets and retail centres are higher than average. It’s an unhealthy environment for business and one Council is keen to work on improving. As a property owner you hold a key to the overall vitality and life of our much loved main streets. Why not be part of bringing them back to life?

We are looking for more vacant spaces to be part of the Renew Leichhardt project.

As a property owner the benefits are huge. Not only will you be supporting local economic development and employment in your area you will have your property brought to life, the rental return potential enhanced, improved safety and security for your property and with all this your property will be more attractive to potential commercial tenants. It’s a win-win proposal. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss how you can be part of something exciting and creative.

before and afterRenew Leichhart Small