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Renew Sydney and affiliated program Renew Leichhardt

Renew Sydney is designed to bring life back to the Sydney Inner West by allowing artists, artisans, craftspeople and community groups to undertake quality projects in otherwise empty buildings. It is a strategy designed to turn around decades of decay through high quality, low capital creative and place making projects.

Renew Sydney relies on the support of property owners who have vacant buildings within the Sydney Inner West to make them available for this project. Property owners can define the terms they wish to make a building available on, select the project that takes place in them, and can participate on either a long term or short term basis.


Is your property vacant? Want to increase the commercial viability of the CBD and ultimately help revitalise and renew the city?

Renew Sydney is helping to solve the problem of empty areas around Sydney and wants to generate more activity by activating your building at no cost to you.

Our scheme has demonstrated that by increasing activity in the neighbourhood, it becomes more attractive to commercial tenants. Creating a more vibrant commercial hub in the city centre, generates ongoing interest in Sydney and improves Sydney’s reputation. Ultimately this means a better value investment.


• Your building is being looked after and used which will help minimise crime, graffiti and vandalism of your property.

• Stimulating business and activity in and around your building will contribute to a more desirable neighbourhood and help to attract longer term prospects. It is hard to lease an empty, boarded-up space covered in graffiti. Or in the case of a new property – who wants to be the first tenant in an empty block?

• We have access to funds to contribute towards minor building works. (That’s real capital improvement of your asset)

• We take care of and pay for basic maintenance and provide Public Liability Insurance, basic property insurance (glass repair) and most outgoings.

• Could mean tax and insurance benefits for you, depending on your circumstances.


• Short term rolling agreements with a 30 day notice period which allow for easy vacation when required

• Our enterprises will use your building depending on size and condition for a range of cultural, creative and community purposes.

• All enterprises fall under the responsibility of Renew Sydney.

Type of Property

We work with all types of vacant space from new and refurbished A Grade property to C- and D- Grade space which might need some TLC to make it commercially viable. We find uses for commercial, retail and mixed-use property.

Your property can stay actively on the market For Lease or For Sale, with easy access for viewing by potential tenants or buyers.

If you get a commercial tenant – we move out with 30 days notice.

Perfect if you are awaiting Development Approval and don’t know when to expect to start your redevelopment – we move out with 30 days notice.

Type of Owner

No property owner is too big or too small – our current and past property partners include developers like The GPT Group and The McCloy Group; individual investors with one or two properties; and the NSW Government. Read more from a landlord’s perspective in this interview with GPT’s David Sleet.

Type of Uses

We will find budding creative enterprise, cultural activity or community groups to act as custodian of the property. These types of enterprises offer unique, local products which don’t compete with existing businesses, but provide a point of difference for the Sydney’s Inner West, making it a more attractive destination.

• For commercial office or showroom space we find Creative Industries professionals such as graphic designers, web developers, architects, interior designers and digital media artists who are usually desk based and in need of space in order to develop or test their business idea.

• Commercial offices may also be suitable for writers, publishers, illustrators, printmakers, and other visual artists for studio practice.

• For retail space we find local people who make the things that they sell to set up retail shops for fashion, childrens wear, homewares, jewellery or Galleries for photography, contemporary art and installation, sound art or indigenous art.

If you have a property anywhere  in the Sydney Inner West area, we would love to talk to you.


Leichhardt Council  is now calling out to owners of vacant properties in Leichhardt Local Government Area – be part of something exciting and creative! Be apart of Renew Leichhardt and affiliated program of Renew Sydney

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Property in Leichhardt Local Government Area

Contact Stephanie Peters – Renew Leichhardt Project Officer

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